Purple Knitted Majesty…

Hi! Hope everyone has been enjoying their long weekend and labor day picnics! I know I’ll be eating my fair share of picnic goodies this weekend!

In the meantime I have been working diligently on this baby blanket for what feels like forever, when in reality I think its only been like three weeks since I picked it up. I mean I carry this thing everywhere. I love knitting every chance I can get. It’s been to baseball fields, family picnics, work, and campfires. Today I finally finished it YAY!



I used the Lion Brand Pound of Love in Lavender. The blanket measures about 32”x 32″

You can find the free patternĀ here

I did some alterations to the original pattern. I decided I really liked the square blanket instead of crib size. I think its the perfect size to wrap a little one up, or as they get older its easy to for them to carry themselves!

Happy crafting!

~Kristin Marie